Thursday, 16 November 2017

Five Essential Element That Make a VR Article Post Effective

Article writing for the Virtual Reality involves knowing a bit about the ever-expanding domain as well as putting it succinctly for the B2B target readers. A content writing agency developing articles for a VR client can do well to start off with popular terms that are used in the industry. Knowing these will help you to frame the content in a better way. In addition you can do well to keep these 5 essential elements when crafting a Virtual Reality article content.

  1. Introduction

Imagine you attend a seminar, and the presenter starts directly running the slides. He/She does not introduce oneself. Also, they fail to give an overview of the presentation. Yes, you imagined the outcome right! You will have absolutely no clue about what they will talk.

It is a similar case in article writing for Virtual Reality (VR). You must give a gist of what your writing is all about. At least a couple of sentences to introduce your readers into the content will help.

Article writing services for Virtual Reality

  1. Subheadings

You may think that small articles like 300 words do not require subheadings and only long articles need a breakup. But, you are wrong; irrespective of the size, you must provide subheadings.

Subheadings are like bookmarks or signpost and help the readers not to get lost in the midway. They also help break the content into easily digestible parts. If your VR customer is looking to engage with a super busy CEO client then the VR article needs to appear in scannable bit-sized formats that remains crisp and ‘to the point’.


  1. Smooth Transition of Thought

Make your article interesting by having a fluid yet uniform continuity in writing. Move from one point to another in a sequence. Any abrupt or jarring sentence that strays from the main idea will surely annoy the reader. The content should have a smooth transition from one subheading to another.

  1. Links

Be it Vive, Oculus Rift, User Experience, or Lenovo Windows VR, your customer’s audience will be hungry for the latest happenings in the world of Virtual Reality. In order to enhance the value of your content, you can link third party URLs to your article.

You may think that providing links referring another site might make the reader move to another location. But it is a myth, and the fact is, you can give link internally to your article in another page relevant to this topic. This will help readers to have better clarity and will appreciate your proactive approach in giving them more details with your article writing.

A word of caution is, do not to provide a link of your competitor, for obvious SEO purposes.

content writing services for virtual Reality

  1. Have a proper article closure

When you write an article based on some word count, you tend to jump into conclusion to end your writing. That is a wrong approach. Your outcome must be the end of the writing and not the word count. Draft your article in such a way to provide a proper conclusion. In your conclusion briefly, summarize the content and let the reader feel satisfied with reading an informative article. Even though you write articles to promote your business, make sure you add to the knowledge of the client.

To wrap up

You may have a significant skill in article writing for Virtual Reality (VR), but failing to have these five elements discussed above will not add value to your writing. Initially,a few times practice consciously to write articles in the sequence given above, and eventually, it will become a habit. This way, you can develop impressive and informative articles.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

8 Secrets to construct the perfect Blog

Creating a write-up is the process of delivering thoughts to words. No matter if it’s a speech, an article, a presentation for cooperates or a blog post, in all these scenarios, the way it is written will act a magnet for any listener or reader.

For a blog too the writing should be interesting and unique. We only get attracted to a well-constructed and engrossing blog post by a blog writing services expert.

Many believe that good quality writing can only come from experience or talent (as is the case with experts in blog writing services). But this is not entirely true. Utilizing some techniques as well, you can elevate the quality of your writing, add power to the write-up, and make it more convincing.

Interested to know what these secret techniques to construct the perfect blog are? Then read on:

  1. Don’t Hesitate

When you are new to blog writing services, you might hesitate to write in your own style, or put forward your own opinions. And that is one of the common human habits. If you’re really writing to pass on a message through your write-up, then stop hesitating and beating around the bush. If you don’t hesitate, you will be able to clearly put your own opinions or thoughts to a blog. When you express yourself clearly, your audience will be able to grasp it better.

perfect blog post for blog writing

  1. Know the difference between Passive voice/Active voice

When the object changes to subject, it is known as using passive voice

For example: “Ana sings the song” is in active voice; now the passive of this sentence is: “The song is sung by Ana.” Note that how passive voice uses extra words without adding any useful information.

All professional blog writing services companies should exercise caution to not use too many passive sentences in blogs.

  1. Keep it Brief

It doesn’t matter how good you are as a blog writing services expert, most of the readers won’t read more than a few sentences. They will just scan through the sub-heading and keywords. Probably even you are one of them too, while reading, so just keep in mind that less is more.

Break long paragraphs into shorter ones that are easier to digest. Use bullets wherever needed. Keep it crisp without using too many fluff words.

  1. Factor in sentence structuring

It works for everyone when sentences are short. They are easy to read and understand. And if long sentences are framed, they need to have appropriate punctuation marks to break the flow of thought appropriately

  1. Let readers have doubts, rather than keeping it transparent

Yes, you read it right! If you tell the whole idea or concept in blog content, then that’s it; they won’t ask for more. Don’t solve everything because your goal is to get the reader’s responses on the feature of your product, the competitor, or the reconfirmation before an event. So don’t solve everything for them, keep them eager to know more.

blog writing services for content marketing

  1. Mind your adjectives

Most of adjectives don’t add any information; they are just adding extra words to your content and increasing word count. For example: “This restaurant has many sumptuous, lip-smacking, delicious dishes.” After removing adjective you get the same sentence, but sharp “This restaurant has many delicious dishes”.

  1. Come to the point ( Directly )

Many times, blog writing services professionals may think that they are doing the reader a favor by showing off their writing skills with over-usage of words. This is really not needed and can become annoying for the reader. So, be straightforward in your blog and get to the point directly.

  1. Introduce story-telling in your blog

There are numerous blogs online which fail to deliver the message. It is seen that a blog which weaves a story in its content, has a better likelihood of establishing a connection with the readers.


In one case, people couldn’t understand the pros and cons of a software product. Even after structuring it well with bullet points, the sales remained poor.

The writer then simply brought one more change to the content. He created a story about how his customers saved money after using that product. As a result of this change, the customers related to the content better and sales too increased


As said, “First impression is the last impression”. It holds true for a blog too. So, as a blog writing services expert, take your time in understanding and using these 8 secrets to construct the perfect blog.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Why Quoting Sources in a Blog is a Smart Move

From the latest cricket match and the top actors of Hollywood, to the current food craze and the top business news of the world, the blogosphere is filled with every topic you can imagine. But if you are thinking of posting about something, wait and read this blog completely before doing so.

Current scenario in blogging

As it happens in all fields, there are some basic guidelines and principles in writing which a writer has to comply with. These are the basic tenets of any blog writing services and has to be complied with at all times.

One such important principle is the healthy practice of quoting sources for figures, statistics, verbatim quotes, and crucial facts.

Why is quoting sources essential?

1 – For credibility

The internet has brought a vast amount of information to users. With the help of just a single click, you can know the weather in Japan and the piracy situation in China. With this tremendous information overload, sometimes it becomes difficult to trace the source of an idea or a story. By quoting your sources, you would be providing credit to the person who has taken tremendous hard work to write the article or post. By providing credit to whom it is due, you would be protecting your blog’s reputation as well as an immunity in case of any legal trouble.

blog writing service

2 – For extra information

Sometimes, a reader might want extra information on a particular topic. So for instance if we have talked about blogging, and referenced an industry authority like Neil Patel for the same, then we can add this source. This way, if the reader is interested in an in-depth guide then he can visit the site and gain extra knowledge.

PS: The hyperlink above is a classic example of a quoting the source

3 – For protection from plagiarism charges

Quoting sources on another author’s intellectual property saves you from plagiarism charges. There are various formats for citation styles but the main thing to remember is to never forget the source. Representing someone’s ideas, words or thoughts as your own is nothing less than thievery. The content would be counted as stealing if you do not quote the proper source.

Ways to cite sources in a blog

By following generally accepted etiquette on sharing content on the internet, you can earn a great amount of goodwill and a loyal fan following. Some simple ways to cite sources in a blog are:

  • Directly naming the author.
  • Through the use of footnotes.
  • A bibliography which contains all your sources.
  • A hyperlink to the source URL so that if a reader click on it, he gets re-directed to the source URL

blog writing source

When to cite a source of information? 

As an expert in blog writing services, you may wonder when to cite the source. The below are some scenarios inside a blog when you can cite a source:

  • When summarizing a paragraph
  • When quoting directly
  • When using diagrams, graphs, or pictures
  • When using an idea that came from someone else’s work
  • When taking an exact passage from the source

To conclude

If the original work has been copyrighted reproducing the same in your blog would count as a criminal activity and you can be subjected to criminal prosecution. By just taking a minute of to provide proper citation you can save yourself from a lot of troubles.

We would love to hear from you. Do let us know your thoughts on the post in the comments below.


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Monday, 6 November 2017

Interesting Facts about Copyscape – the Ultimate Plagiarism Checker for Content

Shrinking morals and low ethics are the byproducts of the modern day world. The same unethical behavior has been shifting to the online world for quite some time. Plagiarism is a word most people would not have been aware of ten years back. But in recent times it is seen that even children know the meaning of plagiarism.That’s the monstrous proportions this problem has reached and can’t be ignored further.

How plagiarism can be tackled online?

If we copy from another student while writing an exam the teacher can disqualify us immediately, but this is not possible in the online world. In the online business world, plagiarism has cost companies millions of dollars.

Companies have woken up to the plagiarism monster and have been investing heavily to stop the menace. This is very much true for companies dealing in article writing services and content marketing. Most writers would have fallen prey to this monster in some period of their life. To prevent plagiarism the first name that comes to mind is Copyscape.

copyscape passed original content

Introducing Copyscape

Copyscape is a real-time online plagiarism checking tool which is used by the majority of people involved in content writing and content marketing businesses. Today it is the premier plagiarism checking tool in the world.Even industry veterans corroborate the efficacy of its prowess in preventing content plagiarism.

The attributes of Copyscape are innumerable and most content writers can’t stop raving about it. But most people in other fields still don’t know about it.Our team has tried to illustrate some interesting facts about Copyscape below:

1) A free version of Copyscape is available which can run five articles. You can try it to know the value it provides to writers worldwide. The free tool is a great way to check whether your content is unique and not published elsewhere. As it is a free tool anyone who wishes to write or has written something can take advantage of this marvelous product.

plagiarism free article writing services

2) Copyscape has a paid product called Copyscape Premium which is used by the majority of the content marketing firms.It has the unique ability to check the content’s originality before the contents get published. By avoiding duplicate content your website becomes valuable to Google and it ranks higher in the search results. Also if the content is unique your website or blog receives much more eyeballs and subsequently ads. Also with the help of batch search, you can check up to 10,000 pages in just one operation.

3) Copyscape has another jewel up its sleeve. It’s called Copysentry. Yeah, you heard it right. It acts as a watchman and provides continuous protection to your published content. It has a unique ability whereby it can automatically monitor your publishes content and informs you immediately via email if it detects any plagiarized content or copies of your content. Its advanced technology tracks down stolen content even if has been modified.

While the creation of original and unique content can take many hours of hard work, thieves stealing those can ruin your reputation and business. So it’s imperative to get a product like Copyscape which can protect your precious content and help you breathe easy.


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Friday, 27 October 2017

How to Write Web Content For A Big Data Analytics Client?

Website content writing services is not similar to other write-ups that you may have been working on for all this time. It can be a challenging task as this type of material involves a promotional tone that blends in with helpful information about a service. If it is a Big Data analytics client you are writing for, then this becomes a very essential point so that the target audience of CEOs, and CTOs can be targeted better.

Without further ado, let us take a look at how this can be achieved.

  • Initiate the content with SEO- based keyword research:

A number of websites generate a lot of revenue from the organic traffic that reaches them every year. To generate that much organic traffic one has to have proper research of keywords before starting with website content writing services.

For your big data analytics client, some popular keywords can be ‘Hadoop’, ‘R Programming’, ‘Predictive Modelling’, ‘Deep Learning’, ‘Data Science’, and ‘Clustering’. Keywords are nothing but words that your Big Data client’s customers will type and then discover them on Google.

By using the keywords meaningfully within content (without making it appear stuffed) ensures that your client’s ranking improves significantly and allows your client’s brand to reach out to total strangers (i.e. new leads)

Read more here to know how to do keyword research in a smart way.

big data web content writing

  • Be short and factual:

A lot of content on the web incorporates fluff and generic material that readers are usually aware of. Instead of just filling up the content with words that are repetitive, it is more advisable to choose short and factual statements that add value to the website content writing services. Just stick to the point that will indulge readers with an interesting fact leading to a positive impression.

  • Educate your readers with engrossing content:

Did you know that most of the Big Data companies’ customers look for the latest and most relevant content to gauge the industry authority of the Big Data Company? If you are writing content for such a company then make sure to come up with engrossing content that is fresh and unique. Some such references will be exploring the ‘long tail’ of big data to explore its variety or checking out the way Apache Spark has gone mainstream in 2017 and beyond. Writing content on these time-contextual things will elevate your Big Data client’s industry credibility.

  • Bullet points are helpful:

Another key tip to use in your web content is the use of bullet points. Bullet points are more legible and factual that will give readers the right information that they need to know. Moreover, studies say that any visitor who looks into a website tends to read the part about the bullet points more than the paragraphs. This is why web content should have high-quality bullet points that summarize all the key aspects related to the content.

website content writing services

  • Take care of the headings:

Besides the body part, the titles also need to be correctly written so that they have a broad and definite meaning about what the reader is about to find in the content. Moreover, the writer needs to make sure that the heading is correct to the body part without any fake information that may not be present in the paragraphs or bullet points.

  • Engage in active voice:

While passive voice is not wrong, the use of active voice simplifies a statement and is much easier to grasp. Any reader who will be taking a look at your content will want to stay active while reading it, but the passive content may drift a reader away from the real motive of the web content. This method does not mean that you should avoid passive voice to the fullest, just keep in mind that the ratio of the active to passive is in favor of the former.


With the above key tips to keep in mind, you may have a better idea of how to enhance your website content writing services for Big Data analytics clients. Make sure that you feel what your readers want to read and keep them engrossed with the quality tips mentioned above. Keeping your content crispy, clear and precise will ensure better visibility and higher conversions for your Big Data analytics client.

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Five Simple Tweaks to Polish Blog Content for Big Data Clients

For a blog writing services professional working for a big data client, engaging the reader till the end of the content is a major milestone. The most troubling thing for a writer is to attract readers towards his/her blog or website. Also, anyone who has been doing content marketing or SEO for big data companies but has not been getting the required results has to just follow something very simple:

Improve your content… with a few simple tweaks.

Yes, taking your content from so-so to awesome is what keeps readers hooked, and enables digital conversions for your big data clients. If you are one such blog writing services provider who wants to add tremendous value for his/ her big data customer, but doesn’t know what to do, then help is at hand.

big data writing expert

How to power up content for big data clients?

Here are a few simple tweaks that you can follow to ensure that your big data client achieves substantial gains with your content writing prowess

1) Do plenty of research and then some more

The importance of research cannot be undermined in blog writing or website content writing for big data customers. To create unique content, an original research on the subject is very essential. If you write by taking inspiration from someone’s blog it would not qualify as unique content and the big data client’s target reader will be smart enough to understand this.

For example, if you are writing about Big Data trends in 2018, you need to check authentic sources and create a unique content that will help your big data clients stay ahead with relevant trends.

So instead of focusing on old tools/resources/trends, you can write about new age tools like Kudu, MemSQL, and Exasol (all hot databases that with lightning fast capabilities for 2018 and beyond). Another example, a deeper research will show you that there are numerous other data sources than just Hadoop as we move into 2018 and this needs to be brought out in your blog.

2) Add more metaphors and stories

Stories and metaphors have the power of attracting a reader towards itself. Also, it adds more chutzpah to your writing. Often people don’t remember a single line from a full page they had read, but most often than not they would remember a story well told.

Also by providing metaphors and examples of your own, it will at least be guaranteed that the writing will be original and also it will reveal a part of your personality thereby attracting more readers towards your content.

blog writing services

3) Speak the truth and from your heart

Most of the people make the mistake of writing something generic which feels a bit robotic to the readers and thereby making them disinterested in your writing. It’s a basic truth that most writers fall into the trap of pumping out content and do not give much importance to the quality of the writing after a few months. So it’s fundamental to speak from the heart which will also make your content approachable and entertaining.

This characteristic within your blog writing services can be a vital magnet for CEOs, CTOs, and business owners – the key customers your Big Data client will be pitching to.

4) Use more visual media

It’s often said that “a picture speaks a thousand words”. Research has proven that visual medium is many times more effective in disseminating a message compared to a written article. So by inserting more images and videos in your article, you can attract tremendous eyeballs in a very small time span.

For Big Data clients you can create an original video or a short infographic story. This way they can gain incredible traction with your readers and procure a loyal fan following.

5) Crosscheck and proofread

Most people feel that going through the content one has written is a very boring task. Still, it’s very important to proofread your content before publishing as it can save you from a lot of embarrassment. Also by cross-checking the facts you can save a lot of damage to your reputation and goodwill as a dependable blog writing services agency.

These are some of the simple steps you can take as a blog writing  company for your big data customer. Following these small tweaks can go great miles in making your content more powerful, more user-friendly, and easy to comprehend for business audience of your big data client.


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Friday, 13 October 2017

5 Must-Have Skills To Becoming A Prolific Content Writer for Web Development Services

Content writing is making its impact felt in various industry verticals for digital marketing purposes. A good content writing services provider will be adept at crafting messages that will resonate with the target audience and generate business for the brand. This holds true for clientele in Web Development Services sector too

Even though a writer has the privileges of working from his/her home, there still needs to be a protocol that will help in getting better at the job. So, here we would like to share some of the many skills you got to have in order to turn out as a successful writer catering to Web Development Services clients.

  • Understanding your readers

Communicating with your readers is your first step to understand what people love to read. Do understand that you are planning to make writing a career so you got to know what the readers like reading. As a content writing services provider for Web Development Companies it is important that you analyze your audience.

  • Learn to Focus on your subject

This technique involves having thorough knowledge of your subject. Do remember that the readers are going to read your content with a feeling that you may know more than they do. So, it is pretty obvious that you offer them content that is new to them. If they are going to read something that they already know about, then you may lose your valuable readers due to boredom. So, remember this point as a content writing services expert – Dig deep into the subject that you choose to write on and disclose the facts that your audience has never heard of.

For instance they will want to read on prevalent trends like AMP, responsive design, parallax scrolling, and minimalistic interface. Hone your knowledge on these topics for a great effect.

  • Be original with your writing style

Originality does not only refer to writing unique content, but it also refers to your writing style. You may choose a specific tone of writing that your audience may love to read. This requires a little experimenting at times to check which of your writing styles offers more positive feedback. For web development clients, their end customers would be business owners, CEOs, or CTOs. For them, the writing needs to be crisp, to the point, and with business wordings like ‘revenues’, ‘bottom-lines’, and ‘ROI’.

web development services

  • Learn to clear a reader’s doubts

Another thing to keep in mind is the way of interpreting your write-ups to answer each and every question of a reader. Any person who finds an article written by you must be interested in your piece because he/she wants to learn something from it. Curiosity keeps bugging a person who is not able to gain anything from a written material. So, if you do not leave every story clear, then it could leave you with a negative feedback from your web development customer audience.

  • Learning Advanced Techniques

Content writing services are not limited to merely writing anymore. The field has become quite huge where there is are advanced methods applied as well. One of them is search engine optimization (SEO) that requires you to understand certain terms and their applications. Content that is not optimized may never reach Google’s SERPs, no matter how good it is.

So, SEO techniques comprise of advanced methods that will optimize content to be more suitable for showing up on search engine results. This is what customers pay for besides excellent content. Besides SEO, a content writer also needs to know WordPress (or similar CMS platform), CSS, HTML, and any other similar field of importance.

To sign off

The above points may not be enough to truly understand the skills in becoming a successful content writer, but these do help in succeeding in this field. Learn to master such skills and you can get closer to becoming a proficient content writing services professional capable of delivering top notch content for web development services companies.


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