Saturday, 20 April 2013

What makes good webpage writing?

Writers often regard website writing to be a part of their daily tasks combining it with other writing tasks/ assigning it to a standard set of personnel without respect to the special considerations it carries. Once we shake off our mindset from such regressive thinking we come to realize that with evolving technological landscape, website writing too has evolved from nascent stage in the early 80’s to its present day avatar.
Earlier websites were restricted to having one’s personality come alive over the Internet. Over time, companies recognized the huge potential online business carries and sought to have the business information presented in such a way that attracts visitors and successfully converts them to highly engaged sales prospects.
One might wonder how this can be achieved. I have come up with a small but relevant list of to-do’s when designing a business website that will allow you to better target your online audience and garner more revenues:

Keep it simple: This is the golden rule of website writing. One never knows what demographics the reader might come from. Keep your language to simple terms and easy to understand vocabulary. This facilitates the reader to easily assimilate information and details and make a decision (act, purchase, get re-directed)
Know thy audience: A cardinal sin if we don’t keep our audience in mind. Imagine talking about hierarchy, course content and e-learning taxonomy when the site actually is for teenagers’ admissions and interacts with their parents! Need I say more?
Be expressive: Keep your tone, grammar and vocabulary simple and taut. This helps prolonged engagement with reader. Trying to impress them with fancy terminologies will be a big deal-breaker as will trying to pepper the written content with technical, legal jargon that won’t find acceptance with the general public.
Heads and tails: A good written article will have a proper heading, introductions, body and conclusion. Imagine a human body without a limb, or an ear missing. Now transition the shock to written content. A good flow to content is a hallmark of a good write-up
Keep these critical pointers in mind and rest assured you will be on your way to a killer write-up.

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