Friday, 13 October 2017

5 Must-Have Skills To Becoming A Prolific Content Writer for Web Development Services

Content writing is making its impact felt in various industry verticals for digital marketing purposes. A good content writing services provider will be adept at crafting messages that will resonate with the target audience and generate business for the brand. This holds true for clientele in Web Development Services sector too

Even though a writer has the privileges of working from his/her home, there still needs to be a protocol that will help in getting better at the job. So, here we would like to share some of the many skills you got to have in order to turn out as a successful writer catering to Web Development Services clients.

  • Understanding your readers

Communicating with your readers is your first step to understand what people love to read. Do understand that you are planning to make writing a career so you got to know what the readers like reading. As a content writing services provider for Web Development Companies it is important that you analyze your audience.

  • Learn to Focus on your subject

This technique involves having thorough knowledge of your subject. Do remember that the readers are going to read your content with a feeling that you may know more than they do. So, it is pretty obvious that you offer them content that is new to them. If they are going to read something that they already know about, then you may lose your valuable readers due to boredom. So, remember this point as a content writing services expert – Dig deep into the subject that you choose to write on and disclose the facts that your audience has never heard of.

For instance they will want to read on prevalent trends like AMP, responsive design, parallax scrolling, and minimalistic interface. Hone your knowledge on these topics for a great effect.

  • Be original with your writing style

Originality does not only refer to writing unique content, but it also refers to your writing style. You may choose a specific tone of writing that your audience may love to read. This requires a little experimenting at times to check which of your writing styles offers more positive feedback. For web development clients, their end customers would be business owners, CEOs, or CTOs. For them, the writing needs to be crisp, to the point, and with business wordings like ‘revenues’, ‘bottom-lines’, and ‘ROI’.

web development services

  • Learn to clear a reader’s doubts

Another thing to keep in mind is the way of interpreting your write-ups to answer each and every question of a reader. Any person who finds an article written by you must be interested in your piece because he/she wants to learn something from it. Curiosity keeps bugging a person who is not able to gain anything from a written material. So, if you do not leave every story clear, then it could leave you with a negative feedback from your web development customer audience.

  • Learning Advanced Techniques

Content writing services are not limited to merely writing anymore. The field has become quite huge where there is are advanced methods applied as well. One of them is search engine optimization (SEO) that requires you to understand certain terms and their applications. Content that is not optimized may never reach Google’s SERPs, no matter how good it is.

So, SEO techniques comprise of advanced methods that will optimize content to be more suitable for showing up on search engine results. This is what customers pay for besides excellent content. Besides SEO, a content writer also needs to know WordPress (or similar CMS platform), CSS, HTML, and any other similar field of importance.

To sign off

The above points may not be enough to truly understand the skills in becoming a successful content writer, but these do help in succeeding in this field. Learn to master such skills and you can get closer to becoming a proficient content writing services professional capable of delivering top notch content for web development services companies.


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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

New GST Changes for Small Content Writing Businesses

July 2017 heralded the launch of GST in India, where every goods producer or services supplier needed to be included in the GST regime. For content writing companies too, they needed to register for GST, pay GST monthly, and file 3 monthly returns. If they provided inter-state transactions then they had to pay GST and the small business exemption (for those below Rs. 20 lakh annual turnover) didn’t apply to them.

What has changed from 6th October 2017?

In a landmark press conference of the GST Council, the finance minister, Arun Jaitley announced a slew of GST relaxation for different industry verticals. Right from small items producers to unbranded Ayurvedic items, there was a drop in GST rates for as many as 27 products and a few services.

GST for content writing companies

Even in the field of content writing businesses who fall under the small to medium enterprises, there has been substantial development:

1 – Change to GST treatment

GST Legislation before 6th Oct 2017

For content writing services companies with an annual turnover of less than Rs. 20 lakh, they were earlier exempted from GST only if they were within the state. For inter-state transactions, it didn’t matter even if they were below Rs. 20 lakh, they still had to pay GST.

New GST legislation after 6th Oct 2017

For content writing service companies dealing in inter-state services or intra-state services, they are now exempt from GST if their total turnover is below Rs. 20 lakh.

2 – Frequency of filing returns

GST Legislation before 6th Oct 2017

Content writing services providers needed to file 3 monthly returns along with one annual return filing (total of 37 returns in a year).

New GST Legislation before 6th Oct 2017

Content writing services companies with a total annual turnover of less than Rs. 1.5 crore will need to file returns quarterly. This will in turn dramatically bring down the amount of compliance needed.

Check Government notification for both these updates (Find the word “Relief for Small and Medium Enterprises” within the PDF file), and for all the new updates to GST regime.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

What to Check in Proofreading for Big Data Content Writing?

Good content writing for Big Data doesn’t simply end with completing the first draft. In fact this is just 50% of the activity. Post finishing your draft (and reading it once to ensure all facts are covered logically), you need to carry out the below checks in order to make it ready for submission to the Big Data client.

Here are a few essential steps to take after your first draft is ready

1 – Flow of thought

Some things to check here are –

  • Just like the human body, content should have a proper structure. It needs to start with a head (introduction), have a body, and conclude appropriately (to reinforce the main point).
  • All thoughts on the Big Data Content Writing should flow seamlessly from one idea to another. I have seen many pieces of content where the introduction is great. But when moving to the main body
  • Have your content body split into smaller digestible parts with the help of bullets or numbered lists
  • All facts around the Big Data client need to be fact-checked and relevant to the current times. So if you write ‘Hadoop is a new distributed file system’ when in fact it was launched way back in 2011. Or if you write ‘ETL is used to create data visualization’ when in fact ETL is used to extract, transform, clean, and load into a big data database for further analytics and visualization processes.

2 – Grammar and spelling check

Make sure that all rules of grammar and spelling check are followed. Your command over the English language and the range of words available in your vocabulary will play a decisive factor in this point. Check out some key grammar misses that a content writer needs to be aware of.

Proofreading and content writing for big data analytics

3 – Readability check

Some of the checks to be done in this step include –

  • No long sentences. Break up long sentences to two-three smaller ones for better readability
  • One idea in one sentence
  • No use of passive voice

4 – Sentence structuring

Some of the quick checks in this point include –

  • Use of consistent 1st person or 3rd person tone. This will depend a lot on the type of content. So web content and blogs will be usually in 1st person (‘you’, ‘your’, ‘we’, ‘our’), more formal types of content (whitepapers, case studies, articles, company profile) will be in 3rd person tone (‘it’, ‘they’, ‘their’)
  • Uniformity in the entire content. Typically a piece of content will have a core idea/ theme around which it will revolve. Make sure this is followed at all times.
  • Check out more tips on blog writing for successful conversion
  • Another useful resource talks about finding your voice when writing blog content.

big-data-content writing

5 – Plagiarism check

Now your draft is more or less in the final state. One key check here is to verify that the Big Data content is 100% unique. You need to use premium tools like Copyscape to assess the originality of your content. Many freelance writers try to cut corners and use free tools to check for content plagiarism. However this is not advisable. Free tools may show a content as 100% unique even when that it not the case. Imagine if you pass plagiarized content to the Big Data client and she catches this issue? Not only will it be a huge embarrassment, but you will lose the client because of the lower credibility plagiarism gives to writers.

Another point that freelancers argue on is “I do my content writing from scratch, so why should I check for plagiarism?” My only point is – there are billions of pieces of content on the Internet. How will you verify that inadvertently no block of text is matching anything on the Internet? They do not have a reply to this.

The bottom line – plagiarism check is as fundamental to content writers and copywriters, as breathing is to human life.

To wrap up

Any worthwhile provider of content writing services in India will vouch for the immense importance of check meticulously after the writing is finished. This step of checking will uphold the high quality benchmark your agency is known for and ensure that you get better Big Data clients for the content writing work.

PS – The last paragraph above has a grammar error. Do write to us and let us know if you were able to find it!

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Friday, 8 September 2017

How To Ensure Quality in Content Writing Services for Custom Web Development Companies

Even though there has been a rapid increase in the number of content writers in recent years, being a content writer is certainly not every person’s cup of tea. Preparing high quality content needs knowledge, skill, dedication, hard work, and innate talent for storytelling. This is precisely where content writing services  score way above the average business professionals in terms of high quality content meant for custom web development companies.

If you are looking to make a name in this fast growing field, then check out how you can ensure top quality content writing.

  • Read, Read, and Read

Reading is considered the other side of coin of writing. The more you read, the more you discover new words, add to your vocabulary, and know the different ways of structuring sentences. It is no surprise that many professional content writing agencies insist on knowing what books a candidate has read at the time of job interviews.

An additional benefit of this aspect is that you will be skilled in developing custom content for your client’s customers. As many as 78% consumers believe that companies providing custom content are interested in building good relationships. We simply cannot ignore the opportunity presented by custom content. And reading is what will help you develop better custom text content.

  • Know the technicalities of content writing

Being a writer means that you need to have a really good knowledge about grammar, punctuations, and words. The flow of idea is also essential while preparing high quality content. You need to prepare perfectly readable and comprehensible content around the offerings of custom web development companies. Typographical errors or other grammatical errors might get in while writing. This is the reason why you need to read the content a second time before submitting to your client.

Check out the different advanced forms of content that will boost your conversion

content writing services for web development companies

  • The power of deep research

It is important that your content is not just good to read but also adds some value to the readers. Experts say that without research you can never deliver high quality and informative content. Know how to search for information using the Internet and learn to identify a genuine source from a fake one. Without that your content will fail the quality control check. It also lowers your credibility as a writer.

  • Know your product and know your readers

It is necessary to know both about the product or service that you are writing about and the people you are writing for. The approach that you will take for a group of kids between the age of 7 and 14 years is certainly going to be different when you are going to write for a CEO, CTO or business owner who is a customer for web development companies. Also, know the vocabulary that will strike a chord with your reader. In the end, it is the popularity of the content that will decide the quality of the content. Remember, your readers are no fool either and will probably have a greater knowledge about the niche you are going to write. You need to remain on top of the niche subject and remain interested about it at all costs. Providers of quality in content writing services in India say that you will have to add to their knowledge and only then will you be respected as a content writer.

  • Understand your client’s needs

Every client will have some different requirement. It is your job to know what your client needs. It is much better to ask and clarify your doubts instead of delivering a content that does not meet the requirement of your clients. It is not just a waste of your time, but also that of the custom web development companies.

  • Deadlines are matter of life and death

There is a reason that every project has a deadline. When you are into the business of providing content writing services, remember that you will have to adhere to the deadline. Your content will lose all traction if it is not published on time and the business will probably lose valuable clients as the competitor seize the opportunity.

These are some of the simple points that will help you expand your content writing services for custom web development companies and help you transform into a high quality writer.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why Does Your Company Need A Writer for Copywriting Services?

Writing is such an easy task. All you need is a basic knowledge of grammar and a little bit of ability to craft your thoughts into words and you can write a blog as well.



What is the need to pay a writer for a job that can be done by any person? Isn’t that what each one of us, who thinks that hiring professional writers is a waste of resources, thinks while considering the need of professional writer for the business?

It is easy to think that professional copywriting service is easy until you actually get down to take up the job of writing while running the business as well. It does not matter whether the person is capable of writing or not, practically it simply isn’t a viable option.

Why is good copywriting skill essential?

Content strategy for copywriting service is essential for the success of content marketing process. With the responsibility of running a business it is not possible for a person to ensure that high quality and well-researched and targeted content is prepared on an on-going basis. Your business badly needs an experienced professional content writer. While taking a writer on a monthly payroll for few monthly content cannot be termed as economically viable and sound business decision, hiring a firm that provides professional copywriting services is a much better decision.

copywriting services

Let us check out why you should absolutely depend upon a professional writer for preparing content for your business organization.

  • You need storytelling in content for maximum impact

As many experts point out, storytelling is the proven way to engage better with customers and turn them to brand loyalists. With stories marketers help make an idea stick in the heads of the audience, and induces persuasion and sales.

  • Convert your website into digital face of your business

Your business website plays an important role when it comes to successful lead generation online. It is not just about design; a great website will include engaging and attractive content that will look professional as well. It is necessary for your business website to rank high too in the search results of major search engines. The one thing that will ensure all of these is high quality original content curated to meet your business needs. A professional writer knows how to do this job efficiently. Creating attractive original content with SEO in mind is a task that should be entrusted with professionals only.

  • One person can’t do it all

It is not the job of one person to be the receptionist, technician, strategist, and accountant all at once. Quite similarly it is not the job of the business owner to turn into content developer and editor besides being the business head. Hiring professional copywriting services always helps. A good copywriter will create engaging and original content keeping in mind the target audience.

copywriter in India

  • Adding the edge to your content marketing strategy

No content marketing strategy can work without strong and high quality content. When you hire the best in copywriting services in India, you are actually hiring not just a content writer, but a strategist as well. Your business marketing depends on the quality of the content published and a professional writer knows how to do it. You can rest assured that the writer will know the tricks of the trade and will understand the pulse of the target audience, thereby creating better and more effective content resulting in a strong content marketing strategy.

  • Additional benefits from a writer

Having written on a range of domains, an experienced provider of copywriting services will be a good fit to write for a variety of topics that will let you engage better with your audience. With its benefits, it is no surprise that 60% of marketers create atleast one piece of content every single day.

Know about the other benefits of utilizing a content writing services professional.

There are plenty of content writers available, but it is important that you trust only on the professional ones. Professional content writing services will be a smart choice.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

6 Benefits of Choosing the Best Content Writing Services

A frequent question going through your mind would be “Is a Professional Content Writer worth it” or should I write the content for my Website or Blog myself. Is it wise to pay for something, which I can do it on my own? Here the catch. Most people think that writing is a simple activity, but it’s not the case. If you ask professional writers, it’s one of the most difficult things in the world. There are enormous benefits in taking the help of professional content writing services in India. We will list some of them below:

1) Get high quality content published regularly

Creating content and publishing it regularly is a big hurdle for business owners. Also they have to keep quality under control whenever they publish the content online. Business people neither have the time nor the resources to do this.By getting high quality content published regularly, they can leave the hassles to a provider of content writing services in India, while they focus on what they do best i.e. grow their business.

2) Get on top of the rankings

Providing perfect keyword centric content is one of the important aspects of a professional Content Writing services company. Google search ranking is a very competitive field. To come on the first page of a Google search drastically enhances the company’s profile. To provide proper and only relevant keywords only a professional writer can do. Also unnecessary use of keywords can block your site from Google search.

content writing services in india

3) Good Content is shared more often

Most content articles or blogs going viral are typically due to good quality content. By sharing bad quality content, a person risks his/her reputation. That’s why bad content is hardly shared. Good quality content with a positive message can spread much faster. So it’s advisable to give your content to more proficient writers.

4) Content writing is an “art”

Like not everybody can be cricketer, neither the same way nor everybody can be artist. If you see two paintings of an artist and a non artist on the canvas, you can immediately recognize which painting belongs to the artist. In the same way, a reader is able to recognize good work from bad.

5) You don’t have to worry about fresh content

Thinking about new and fresh ideas for your site’s content can be a big headache. By bringing in professionals, this issue can be solved easily.  By looking at your target audience and their challenges, they can deliver fresh ideas for content writing. With a great partner in content writing services in India, you can engage better with your prospects and enable a better degree of conversion.

6) Deadlines are adhered to strictly

Suppose you are launching a new product or a service and you want your content published within a particular time, you will not give your content to a freelancer to write. As you know, they can’t be trusted with deadlines. So you know where to come for content writing services in India if you need content to be developed within tight deadlines.

Reading through these pointers, you will be able to appreciate the importance of engaging an expert content writer in India. You can get a world class professional content writing services which can sharply improve your brand’s image and deliver incredible RoI.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

To Be A Writer Or An Editor – Know Your Calling

The content writing activity involves a series of steps to eventually result in higher visibility for customers. There are various processes that go behind creation of every piece of content and it is not just the effort of the writer that is behind each one of them. There is also an editor to check for the quality of the draft before it is published. These two form the backbone and there is no way any successful writing will emerge without these two. But, what is the difference between being a writer and an editor?

If we look at most of the small scale organizations providing content writing services India we will notice the trend of one person doubling up as both the writer and editor. However, what you need to understand is that these are two separate jobs and there is a reason why the more reputable firms providing content writing services India opt for separate writers and editors.

content writer or an Editor

What is the difference between being writer and editor?

Both writers and editors need to be well conversant with the language and have a really good knowledge of grammar and spelling. However, the similarity ends there itself.

Roles of a writer

1 – Creative thinking for engrossing content

The job of a writer is to think creatively and craft a really engaging content. It is quite natural for a writer to be emotionally involved with the entire content since it is the thoughts and emotions of the writer that are being put into words.

2 – Establish connection with target readers

There is more emphasis on the articulation of words and phrases which will make the reader feel what the writer is feeling. It is true that the writer should have a good knowledge of the grammar of the language in which the content is composed; however, there are areas that are overlooked often by the writer while composing the content.

Roles of an editor

1 – Sole focus on quality of content

The editor, on the other hand, is quite detached emotionally from the content. The editor’s job is to be critical and analyze the content minutely keeping in mind the grammatical rules and the punctuation. Editors often take pride in the ability to form perfect sentences and finding out errors in the writer’s works. It is probably one of the necessities for the job of an editor as well.

2 – Focus on getting the right content published

The editor must be able to find out every grammatical error and punctuation error since the writer entrusts the editor to make the entire content perfect without losing the essence.

A writer or an editor? – What is your choice?

The question is, are you more suited for the role of a writer or an editor? While this seems like a difficult choice, it is one that needs to be made. Even though a person is great at weaving words and come up with fresh ideas while also having a sound knowledge of the grammatical and technical aspects of the language, it does not necessarily mean that the person can be both – a writer and an editor.

An editor might not be able to come up with such fresh, creative, and radical ideas. However, the job demands perfect technical knowledge about the language, vocabulary, structuring, and flow of thoughts. And that in itself is enough for a person to be an editor.

To conclude

Whether big or small, every organization that provides content writing services India needs to remember that cutting cost by hiring one person for both writing and editing job will never let you scale up and provide exceptional quality content to your clients. And those who are hiring organizations providing content writing services India should check what they are signing up for and ensure that the content being delivered is proofread by a dedicated editor.

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